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How To Write Successful Slogans

Now, very few people will be reading this page, so congratulations, you are already one of us winners, you just may not have won anything yet, but you will, don't worry, you will.


Writing Successful Slogans

One thing peope hate more than anything else in comping is writing slogans.

So, why are we here? We few who are here are here because we are good at it. This makes us the winners, it is as simple as that.

Out of every hundred potential winners of competitions, most will fall at the first obstacle, yes, actually entering the thing, as we have said, you have to be in it to win it. The next batch will have weeded themselves out by not bothering to research the answers to the competition questions, or not managing to put a list in order.

So, when it comes to writing slogans, we are down to a select few. We are the poets of the competition world.

No, that is not as presumptious as it sounds, I just mean we can use a rhyming dictionary, as rhyming is the secret to successfull slogans.

It doesn't need to be traditional rhyming at the end of the lines, although that works, it can be internal rhyming in the sentence, or just a pleasing rythym of the scanning of the slogan.

This Slogan Won a Car

Well, I suppose you want an example, and so far, you have no idea whether I know what I am talking about, although it all makes perfect sense to me. There again, I know whether I know what I am talking about!

I won a car with this slogan

The opening line was "XXXXXs Soups pack in taste and performance for all the family" which I followed with my slogan "with their soupercharged perfection giving family fuel injection"

Now, that was a very clever slogan, it worked, no-one can argue with that, it won a car!

Now, you will have gathered that the theme of the competition, was a family eating soup and the prize was a family sports saloon, a fuel injected performance model.

We had got through the setting things in order, I had applied my principles, which I outlined in the secret of winning prize competitions and ways to improve your chances of winning order of preference competitions and I was one of only a handful of people who got them in the right order.

Remember, it wasn't necessarily my opinion, it was what a typical buyer of that car might be looking for. So, I got the seven points in the right order, narrowing the field for the slogan tie-breaker quite considerably.

Why Rhyming is Important

The rules of competitions seldom say you have write a poem as your tie-breaker, but time and again it is rhyming slogans which win competitions.

I won a car with the rhyming slogan, soupercharged perfection, family fuel injection. It may be corny (don't knock it though, it won a car) but the rhyming adds that certain extra something which makes it sound better.

Rhyming doesn't have to be at the end of the line, it can be internal rhyming, within the words or phrases themselves.

An example will help. Suggs, lead singer of the pop group Madness, appeared in a TV advert for fish fingers or something, the idea was to give the children something which would make a happy family when they arrived home, I think.

The slogan of the ad was "Good mood food!" Now, that is short, clever, rhymes, scans, it has everything, I wish I had thought of it.

What does that slogan show you, though? It shows that the simple ones are the best, and putting three words together is within the capabilities of most compers. All you have to do to write a winning slogan is to pick the right words and put them in the right order, easy!

Get the Keywords in Too

In that winning a car example, it was not only the rhyming, the keywords were probably important too. It doesn't do any harm at all to bump up the product which is being promoted.

So, "soupercharged", as well as being a pun on one of the selling points of the sports car, also associated the product, the soup, with enhancing family enjoyment, like the prize.

So, make sure you use the keywords they give you, be nice about their product, without being too cheesy, and work on your slogan until you are happy with the way it sounds.

Always say it out loud and ask others to read it out to you if you can, it could sound completely naff when you hear it.

Use Adverts for Inspiration

There are professional slogan writers out there, whose job it is to come up with winning advertising slogans. They are the ad men and women, either staffers at the advertising agencies, or freelances, working for different agencies, often working from home.

What is different about them, compared to the comping enthusiast? Nothing at all, we are both doing exactly the same thing.

So, use their best efforts as inspiration. You can always find their best efforts, they are the ones which get on tv, in magazines and on the advertising posters. Their other attempts didn't make it, so you will never see them.

Take an example I saw recently, for the British Motor Show, presumably sponsored by Shell, as the ad was on a garage forecourt. The slogan was "Fun Fuelled Entertainment".

That is short, sharp, relevant, has a bit of alliteration. It tells you it will be fun, it has something to do with cars and you will be entertained. Now that last bit is vital, as many people, mostly the partners of the car enthusiasts, will be expecting a boring afternoon looking at rows of cars all the same.

The promise of fun and entertainment gives quite a different expectation and creates a better anticipation than the expected boredom.

Now, that slogan is of little use to you, you could copy it for a future competition, but maybe so will many other people, so you are unlikely to win with it. Its use to you is to learn from it, say it out loud, note it down for future reference, when you need inspiration.

You may start with fun fuelled entertainment and end up with brighter boiling funkettle, just get rhthyms, rhymes, alliteration, and enthusiasm for the product running round in your head, keep writing down what you come up with, make them better and better and some will be winners.